Our Story

100% Women Led Company

We’re a talented group of entrepreneurs and engineers with a groundbreaking idea that we know will contribute towards a better tomorrow.

We began with a complex theory and broke it down, simplifying it to the core.  Our advantage is that we aren't Ivy League - Wall Street guru's.  We are able to bring a fresh approach to day trading.

Game Designer

How it works?

Our team of innovators have developed successful day trading strategies by combining existing strategies such as Momentum Trading, Market Making, and Machine Learning Trading.

Our fully automated application selects stocks, selects a trading strategy, and executes trades, allowing us to make money in minutes!

Financial professionals no longer have to spend hours researching companies, or following trends, TradingSimple does it all.

It's that simple!


Competitive Advantages

What sets us apart

Unique to Market

TradingSimple is unique in that it combines trading strategies and executes day trades with a set it and forget it approach.


TradingSimple is versatile and market agnostic.  It can be customized to fit any clients specific needs.

One Click - Fully Automated

TradingSimple is a fully automated one-click algorithmic trading application.  You are not required to have someone sitting and watching it, monitoring it 24/7.

Passionate Team

We are a team of passionate women.  We are so proud to be working together on a product that we feel can redefine the world's financial perspective.


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